CPMS Program Updates

RBase Runtime 7.1

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CPMS 4.4x February 9, 2019


Add a new Equipment Failure report to display just one entry when using the Equipment Failure screen. Update the Work Card Planner module to utilize a new algorithm which builds the spreadsheet form ten times faster. Add a Print button to the Processing PM Tasks screen so that the mechanic can make a hard copy of the PM Duties. Add a PDF button to the Master Schedule to attach one or more PDF files to a specific Equipment Number and PM Frequency. Add a new part tag for continuous bar code labels for a thermal printer. When running the "Check Quality of Your Data", "Check Data Base Integrity" or "Compress CPMS Files" option, if errors are encountered, insure that you are returned to the CPMS Main Menu after optionally viewing/printing the corresponding report. When processing Part Transactions you can now Reprint the last Part Transaction Processing report.


CPMS 4.3x November 28, 2011


Many new capabilities added to Work Orders including new reports, easily assign parts and reactivate old part assignments when reopening old Work Orders, and notification of Work Orders awaiting parts when running Part Transactions. Add page footers for PM and Work Order Work Cards with up to five lines for reminders and signoffs. New Equipment Failure Trend Analysis graph. Print parts only used on a specific piece of equipment. Expand Work Request display options.


CPMS 4.2x March 24, 2009


Extensive use of graphs, and redesigned reports and forms, to give you a lot more visibility and control over your Maintenance operation.


CPMS 4.1x December 29, 2006


Completely redesigned forms, reports, and program capabilities using the new RBase 7.1 data base manager (see details).


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