CPMS Customers and Testimonials

Cafe Valley, Phoenix, AZ

Canada Bread, Toronto, ONT

Crossroads Beverage Group, Reading, PA

GFF, Inc., City of Industry, CA

Gold Coast Bakeries, Santa Ana, CA

H&S Bakery Inc., Baltimore, MD

Harrison Baking Co., Harrison, NJ

Heiners Baking Co., Huntington, WV

JJ Snack Foods, Vernon, CA

Keystone Cement Co., Bath, PA

Klosterman Baking Co., Cincinnati, OH

LePage Bakeries, Auburn, ME

Lewis Brothers Bakeries, Evansville, IN

Mission Foods, Dallas, TX

Palmetto Baking, Orangeberg, SC

Perfection Bakeries, Fort Wayne, IN

Portuguese Baking Co., Newark, NJ

Sara Lee, Downers Grove, IL

Schwebel Baking Co., Youngstown, OH

Snak King, City of Industry, CA

Sylvin Technologies Inc., Denver, PA

Weston Bakeries, Toronto, ONT

Windkits, Allentown, PA



"Since we implemented the CPMS into our plant (Oct. 98) we have seen a continuing improvement in both the scheduled PM areas and inventory control. We did not have the flexibility with our old system. With your continued support and upgrades of the program it has made a real dollar savings. I could not keep track of all the equipment without it. Thanks for every thing."

Ken Redden - Plant Engineer, Klosterman Baking


"I don't know what we would do without your help and dedication on our PM system. Our manufacturing up time is around 99.5%. I cannot imagine running a plant and not having CPMS for our PM."

Curt Ritter- Plant Engineer, Heiners Bakery


"Implementation of an integrated purchasing, inventory and preventive maintenance system was never easier. We loaded the program and built each unit, one purchase order, one work order, and one inventory item at a time doing our jobs. Today we have as comprehensive a system as our sister plant where several people labored weeks to load the data, before they could load their program and start the implementation process. CPMS started helping us improve everything within minutes."

Michael E. Cleveland- C.P.M., Keystone Cement Company


"It is my belief having worked with the system for some time that the benefits go without saying. The one that sticks out in my mind is the effects of the work order system. This in itself has saved us valuable time that we cannot afford to lose. It has been so powerful that we are now looking at other avenues in which we can incorporate it within our company."

Brian M. Brutosky- Plant Engineer, Stroehmann Bakeries


"Since implementing CPMS into our plant we have had an overall improvement in our maintenance department. It gives us tight control of our parts and equipment maintenance. This is an excellent maintenance tool."

Duncan Clark- Engineering, Canada Bread, McGavins


"Our CPMS Maintenance program has helped us get control of our Maintenance Department. The various reports have helped us identify and control costs. We also find CPMS helps us with ISO compliance."

Thomas Deets- Plant Engineer, Sylvin Technologies, Inc.


"CPMS has helped us organize not only our Inventory, but also our Equipment maintenance and costs. Also, the reports are great to show where we may need improvement."

Sandra Deal- Maintenance Department, Lewis Bakeries, Inc.


"Continuous Improvement is a big part of the program. It keeps getting better and better."

Vic Hafer- Maintenance Department, Stroehmann-Maiers


"The program works very good for us and the support we get from you is excellent."

Raymond Ellis- Maintenance Manager, Stroehmann Bakeries


"CPMS is the only program in my Engineering Shop we use for Preventive Maintenance and Parts."

Les Allen- Chief Engineer, Interstate Brands


"The CPMS Program is an excellent tool for any plant. I could not keep track of all the equipment without it. The excellent support I get is a great benefit."

Steven L. Bly- Chief Engineer, LePage Bakeries, Inc.


"CPMS has been an invaluable tool. First, in setting up our inventory, and secondly, in keeping track, controlling, and maintaining close to ½ million dollars worth of parts."

Renee Gable- Maintenance Department, Canada Bread, McGavins


"CPMS has really helped get our Maintenance Department organized. We are now effectively controlling our PM's and spare parts."

Bill Morrow- Chief Engineer, Green Mountain Baking Co.


"The CPMS program has helped us keep track of the history of each equipment at this facility and helped us establish the frequency of the tasks in the PM system."

Raul Gamez- Maintenance Manager, Diane's Foods

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