CPMS Help & Manual

CPMS Help 4.4x

CpmsHelp7z is the online help system to be used while running CPMS. It is in the 7zip file format.  


CPMS Users Manual is in the PDF file format and requires a password after downloading.

You will need to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read or print the CPMS Users Manual. This is a freeware program available from Adobe Systems Incorporated. You can obtain your copy of the Acrobat Reader by going to:


The CPMS manual uses the Acrobat PDF format. It is approximately 200 pages. You can print one or more pages at a time. In order to print double sided, choose print, enter the pages to print, and then select odd page numbers. Place the pages back in the printer and select even numbers. Contact us if you need assistance printing the manual.


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