CPMS 4.2 (Download Now)

Note: You need to upgrade to version 4.12 prior to installing version 4.29 (This update includes all the changes made from 4.20 through 4.29)


Highlights of changes in the 4.2x update series (most recent listed first):


>>> 4.29 changes

Check the Book Line number is between 0 and 99 in the Master Schedule.

Change the Receiving Report to have the Account Number as the first sort column when subtotaling by account number.

Minor correction to the new MSDS button on the Parts screen.

Allow a new user to log into CPMS when in the Guest Menu

Allow any Guest Mechanic to check out a part using the Part Checkout screen without logging in as a new user. (Their user ident is stored in Part Transactions.)

Add the logged in User Ident to the Part Transaction Open and Closed tables

Optionally include bar codes on the Purchase Order report so that users can scan (instead of retype) part numbers and descriptions into another PO system.

Display the logged in User on the CPMS Main Menu caption.

Correct error messages when a mechanic closes the last work order on the Mechanic Work Order Scheduling option.

Add a new PM Work Card report option to System Configuration, Work Card Report Options screen. You can specify one page per equipment with or without a picture/drawing area for each page.

A new page footer option for the PM and Work Order Work Card reports, so you can specify up to five lines of special instructions and sign off areas. Set up on the System Configuration, Work Card Report Options screen.


>>> 4.28 changes

Add subtotal by account number to the receiving report options .

On the Parts Edit screen you can now add MSDS entries (PDF files) in the same way as when adding drawings and pictures. MSDS entries are saved in the \MSDS folder and just click the new MSDS button on the Parts screen to reference one or more MSDS sheets. A "yes" or "none" flag is highlighted next to the button. The same flag is displayed in the Purchase Order detail screen when you add or edit part line items.

When receiving a PO and printing part tags, a check has been added to make sure to not include any non stock items.

Enhance the Hot Spot screen so that it's much easier to use. Allow changes to the End Date, Count, and Minutes (if you are a Supervisor), and add Equipment layout coordinates directly on the Hot Spot screen.

When Mechanic Guest Users add a Work Order from a Work Request, ensure that their employee number appears in the Task portion of the Work Order. (They must be referenced in the Employee table.)

Realign the part label stickers to have a little more room on the left margin so the barcode and text fit properly.


>>> 4.27 changes

Rewrite the Part Checkout screen form to popup properly for part numbers containing a portion of your search, popup properly for equipment numbers beginning with a portion of your search, move the equipment number to the equipment column when you click the Used On button, use the Average or LIFO price from the System Config setting when adding the Issue to part transactions, don't ask to Save when you click the Add or Exit button, and use the Account Number default from the Equipment table or popup the new Account number table

Adjust the height of columns and "bands" in all reports, so that a logical row of data will not be split across a page. For example, in the Part/Equipment Cross Reference report, don't have the part number at the bottom of page one and the part description at the top of the page two. This also corrects a problem where the dollar amount may be carried over to the next part number.

When running various program processes, correct all of the "Processing messages..." to not have an "OK" button. There is no need to click since the message box will automatically disappear when the process is finished. Clicking might even cause the process to terminate before completion.

Remove the popup window from the Employee Add/Edit screen forms if you accidentally double click on any column.

Add new print part tag option when Entering Receipts or when printing Receiving Reports in the Purchasing module.


>>> 4.26 changes

Add an account number popup table so that you can popup your account numbers in any form where account numbers are entered. This includes Purchase Orders, Receipts, Work Orders (Open and Closed), Part Transactions (Open and Closed), Tasks (Open and Closed), and Equipment Failures. CPMS still uses the Account Number in the Equipment table as the default which you can override. You can edit the Accounts table in Supervisor, Other Utilities, Edit Miscellaneous Tables.

Ensure that when using Import/Export Data, that the proper form and table name are shown when the Power Search screen is displayed.

When printing/scheduling the Ad Hoc PM Schedule, ensure that the PM duty line numbers are sorted properly.

When Closing a Work Order on the Work Order screen form, ensure that CPMS is "focused" on the Work Order portion so as not to get a "Cursor Position" error.

When clicking to the employee number on the Add Work Order screen form, ensure that it only takes two clicks to select the employee number column. Once to select the table and again to select the column.

Add a new button on the Work Order Closed form to allow you to ReOpen the work order. This is useful if the Work Order was not completed properly, if you want to reopen and/or reassign it to someone else, or if you have a repair description which is similar to a repair done in the past.


>>> 4.25 changes

Change the "grid" screen form for the Work Card Planner and Work Load Balancing so that the displayed values are Read Only.

Correct the Note to Mechanics on the PM work card heading to display properly, even if it is up to ten lines.

Change the Master Schedule to not allow blanks in Scheduled Minutes which is used when generating PM tasks, work load balancing, and to calculate equipment operating costs.

Further automate emailing PO's when clicking the PDF button on the PO Add or Edit screen. This will create a PDF file in the default \PDFFiles folder using the PO number as the filename (Example: PO#123456.pdf). Then click on the Email button (on the same screen) to email directly to the supplier by simply attaching the PDF file to your email.

Remove the "Reprint Report" option from the System Configuration screen form (and table) since multiple pages are now handled by the Print Menu for every report.

Ensure that the Add and Edit Form buttons are working properly in the System Configuration screen form.

Ensure that the Equipment number and description are displayed properly when clicking the Failures button on the Equipment screen form or when viewing plant Hot Spots.


>>> 4.24 changes

Add email address column to the Vendor table and screen forms.

Change the Purchase Order Add and Edit screen form to display the vendor's email address and click the new Email button to email directly to the Vendor.

Add a PDF button to create a PDF report for the PO number you are adding/editing. The PDF filename is the same as the PO number to allow you to easily send this PO to this vendor.

Expand the size of the Help file folder pathname from 30 to 50 characters.

Correct the PM Work Card- Full Page Notes, to print the "Message on Work Card" properly at the top of each page.

In the Work Load Balancing utility, insure that the subtotals are not duplicated on the start/end date boundaries.

Add a new Draw button to the Master Schedule screen form. Now you can print a drawing or picture in conjunction with the PM Work Card for one or more pieces of equipment. If you select the "Separate Page for each Equipment" option in the System Configuration, the drawing/picture will print below the PM Duties.

Change the Work Card Option screen to display the full Mechanic Work Card Message.

Add the employee name to the Mechanics Handbook - Expanded report.

When you click on the Draw button and there is already one or more pictures/drawings in the popup window, the message has been changed from "Choose" to "Choose, or ESC to add new".

Add a new Physical Inventory report with bar coded part numbers to facilitate entering part on hand quantities back into CPMS using a bar code wedge/scanner.

Realign the part tag data to fit better on the tags. Unfortunately, the same label may print differently on certain laser and ink jet printers.

Correct the part tag vendor ident and equipment number (used on) to refer to the most recent entry for those two categories. And, delete any rows in the Part/Equipment XRef table where the part number refers to the dummy equipment number used for Spare Parts (example: STK, STOCK, etc.).


>>> 4.23 changes

Clean up and standardize all the form popup menus for Equipment, Vendor, Descriptions, etc., lists. Format all fonts to make them easier to read and add the "hint" message where it was missing. When you see the hint "F3 for ..." you can also double click your mouse.

Change the column format for the Task Number in the Work Order and Equipment Failure screen forms. Now you can copy/paste the Task Number when doing a query or print.

Add a check box to Display PO's in Purchase Orders to allow you display all PO's or just Open PO's.

Correct the popup window when listing tables in Data Base Analyzer, Check the Quality of Your Data

Reset subtotals for each change of account number for the Purchasing reports. Also, change the transaction code options to OR, OX, and RX (which corresponds to Open Unapproved orders, Open Approved Orders, and Closed/Received Orders.)

Change the Work History Summary graph to include one letter of the first name (along with the last name) in order to differentiate employees with the same last name.

Add Task Completion Percent to the top of the Work History Summary graph. Also include the Task Code selection (Examples: *, M, R*)

New Equipment Failure Description options. The new popup window allows you to standardize problem reporting for your plant. You can continue to enter Failures free form as you do now. You can also select a popup of Failure Descriptions for just the Equipment number you are viewing. Or you can enter a keyword and see all matching entries from the Failure Description table. Please review the article in the October newsletter. (CPMS will automatically load your current entries into the new Equipment Failure Description table.)


>>> 4.22 changes

Limit the number of PM Duties which should be selected in PM Residuals to twenty so they will fit properly on the PM Work Order work card. (If more than 20 PM Duties are missed, you should check the PM status as Not Done.)

Add a new Work Order button on the Work Request form so that you can review all of the Open Work Orders for that equipment. Guests cannot make any changes when in the Work Order screen form.

 Add a system constraint which prevents the Transaction Code in Purchase Order Detail from being blank. A temporary multi user restriction when adding/editing PO's has been removed. Note: Blank Transaction Codes will be changed to "RX" (received).


>>> 4.21 changes

Change the Equipment Failure graph to a bar chart and optionally print the numeric value for each equipment and manufacturing downtime bar.

Change the print part tag option to allow for ten label choices (3 new formats) and ensure it is printing tags properly when using Inventory Quantity Adjustments.

Change the Equipment Failure form to include the Originator and Date when using the Add Work Order button. Also when adding a Work Order from the Process PM Tasks screen.

Change the sort order of rows in multi table screens to always sort properly.

Change the "Add Form" and "Edit Form" buttons on screen forms to display the correct list of forms to add and edit.

Change the PO screen to go directly to the Parts screen when you click on Add Part First. (Also, allow you to go to Add and Edit Form from the Parts screen.)

Add the Equipment list popup when using the Ad Hoc PM Schedule function.

In the Self Audit, print out entries in the Master Schedule which have no corresponding PM's in the Mechanics Handbook, and a new option to print out entries in the Mechanics Handbook which have no corresponding PM's in the Master Schedule. When part transactions are processed, insure that the unit price and date are updated in the corresponding part/vendor cross reference entry. Correct the PO Note and Delivery columns to display/change properly in the Receipts form and add the popup Y/N for Taxable.

Lock out other users when using the Add, Edit, Receive, or Generate PO's options.


>>> 4.20 changes

A new Equipment Failure graph which corresponds to the selections made for the Equipment Failure report, except it always uses your end date and the last fourteen periods. You can specific "periods" as Daily, Weekly, or Period (28 days). This is a very powerful tool which will facilitate locating and analyzing equipment problems in your plant

Enhance the "Generate PO's for Parts at Minimum" option to automatically build a PO file for all parts at minimum, or just those parts which have been issued in the date range you specify. The number and cost of line items which will be ordered is displayed, and then you can decide if you want to generate these PO's for editing and/or printing.

Correct the PM and Word Order Work Card to allow for a "Message to the Mechanics" of up to ten lines at the top of each page.

Initialize Log in/out times to the current date/time when adding a new user.

Add three new barcode part sticker labels. 1) Use an entire line for the part Description; 2) Allow two lines for the part Description since it can be up to 50 characters; 3) Allow two lines for the part Description and two lines for the part Vendor and Manufacturer. Note: the tradeoff is to remove the last line or last two lines. (Price, PO#, Rcvd; Date Used, On Equip, By)

When Editing PO's in the Purchasing module, the default sort order is by PO Date. (Previously, the PO's where not sorted.)

Correct the Employee status (active/inactive) to default to Active when adding a new employee.

In the new Work Load Balancing spreadsheet and graph, correction for subtotaling the thirteenth period.