CPMS 4.1 (Download Now)

Note: You need to upgrade to version 4.0 prior to installing version 4.12 (This update includes all the changes made from 4.01 through 4.12)


Highlights of changes in the 4.x updates (most recent listed first):

Add constraints to the Config screen so that the "lookup" values must have corresponding entries in the Vendors, Equipment, or Task Description Ident tables. Note: Make sure you have a valid entry for the following five entries in the System Configuration form before loading the update:

Company Ident and Name

Equipment Number (Spares)

Default Description Ident for: Equipment Downtime, Work Orders, and Residual PM Tasks

Purchase Orders- Add new Right Click feature for the Part Number and Part Description search. Enter one or more characters to popup all matching values. Part Number is now updated when selecting by description. A number of little glitches have been corrected in the PO Add and Edit screen forms.

Correct the Guest Menu- only a User Status of Mechanic can popup the employee list.

Correct the second telephone number to display properly in the Vendor expanded report.

Correct the error message "Your value does not have the same..." when selecting the Part Usage report.

For Open and Closed Part Transactions, change the popup window for the Equipment Number column to display both the Equipment Number and Description.

Add Shift selection to the Work History Detail and Work History Summary reports.

Change the color for the Work History Summary graph (total tasks bar) from red to purple. Red is normally used to indicate a problem such as equipment failures.

Add the Note/Comment field to the Work History Detail report. This corresponds to what the mechanic wrote on their Work Card or entered when processing their Work Card.

Add a new Work Load Balancing Chart and Graph.

Add a new Work History Summary graph which displays the completion percentage and number of tasks for each mechanic. The selection criteria matches the report.

Use of a new internal barcode font, eliminates the need for a third party product.

Add a comprehensive Diagnose utility which will automatically run if you are unable to open your CPMS data base. It analyzes your files and provides specific information as to the nature of the problem along with selection options for recovery.

Guest users can delete their own Work Request if a Work Order has not been assigned.

When adding a part number with a leading zero, make sure the zero is retained when jumping to the add Part/Vendor or Part/Equipment cross reference screen.

Correct the font size for all popup menus.

Correct the Refresh button to display the Failures and PM Efficiencies totals and percentages properly .

Change the initialization of default values for Purchase Order Detail.

Change the initialization of default values for Part Transactions (Add and Edit).

Add "Change your password" to the Supervisor Options. Only the Administrator can change and see all users and passwords, but Supervisors and CPMS Users can now change their own password (along with Guests and mechanics).

Spell check added to the Work Request screen form.

Correct the Inventory Quantity Adjustments option to reset the quantity properly.

Change the Equipment Failure screen to not reset the Production Line code unless the Equipment Number is changed.

Change all of the employee popup screens to only show active employees.

Correct the PO module to process a PO properly when the PO is approved in the Edit mode for non stock items.

Change the caption for Display Open PO's to "Display Open PO's" instead of "recpts".

New graphs for the Top Ten report. Both Equipment and Manufacturing graphs for Downtime and Other Categories. Correction to Manufacturing Graph

Change the Master Schedule "Copy To/From" buttons to allow for 3 letter PM frequency codes (Task Description Ident)

Add display Open Work Orders to the Work Request Guest menu.

Add display both a detail and summary Equipment Failure screen to the Guest menu.

Add a Change button to the Master Schedule screen to facilitate changing the Task Description Ident and Procedure number. And add the popup calendar button back on this form.

Both the Generate and Process PM function check if a scheduled or rescheduled PM will create a duplicate PM for a specific date. These PM's are no longer displayed, they are just deleted.

Correct Terms, Via, and FOB in the PO module to allow you to override the default value.

Change the Employee Reassign screen when generating or processing PM's to automatically popup all active employees.

Allow for a 1, 2, or 3 letter PM frequency code (Task Description Ident) for all PM's.

Change the "Insert" hint on all the Add forms to "Add"

Correct the Account Number on the Part Chkout form to allow you to override the default value.

Correct an error when generating PM's which can result in an employee getting another employee's PM task(s)

Add Part Check Out to the CPMS Main Menu Guest Functions

For PO's- default is Unapproved for Adding and Editing

Fix for numeric Vendor Ident for "Ship to" and "Bill to"

Fix for generating PM's where last date of scheduled date range may be missed

Add Originator and Origination date for all Work Orders (Previously, if there were no Work Request or it was deleted, the originator and date were blank.)

Add log-in and log-out time for all users, Network User Name, Computer Name, and Employee Number for Mechanics. This will provide better control of all users.

Add Mechanic Guest status.

What is the difference between version 3.1a and version 4?


New Plant Layout Diagram

Instant Equipment location and display

New "Hot Spot" operation for locating and monitoring plant problems


Screen Forms

100% Windows look and feel, Navigation bar with hints, First/Last row with dim, New Icons (Insert, Delete, Save, Cancel), Scroll bars, popup on column when you want

Equipment- Popup Calendar, Spell Check Notes

Equipment Failures- Popup Calendar, Spell Check Notes

Master Schedule- Popup on Skills, Shift, and Start Time, separate Delete button to avoid accidentally deleting PM procedures, better warnings (Open Tasks, Not in Service, Not in Book), Click on PM Duty to select from ALL PM Duties, and Spell Check PM Duties.

Parts Inventory- Meaningful colors for On Hand & On Order, add/delete rows to Parts/Vendors, Alternate Parts, and Equipment cross reference tables directly on the Parts form, better forms for displaying associated Work History, Closed Transactions, and Usage Counts (sent to Notepad), Spell Check on Notes.

Part Transactions- Meaningful colors for On Hand & On Order

Vendors- Spell Check on Notes

Work Orders- New Print button for Closed Work Orders and Spell Check on Notes


Standard Reports

Scroll bars, next/last page, zoom

New date, time, page 1 of X, and plant name

All reports are displayed to the screen first. Preview before printing.

Print all, current, page range, even, odd, etc.

Print to file in PDF (Adobe), Bitmap, Excel, Gif, HTML, JPG, Text, etc.


Custom Reports

All reports- Popup Calendar functions (enter or popup), and boxes for data entry

Work Cards- Popup Calendar, Mechanic's Message on selection screen, etc.

Equipment Failures- Popup Calendar, Report Options on selection screen, etc.

Work History Detail- Popup Calendar, Task Status Options on selection screen,

Work History Summary- Popup Calendar, Subtotal check box, etc.

Part Usage- Popup Calendar, Transactions Options on selection screen, etc.

Equipment History- Popup Calendar, Report Options on selection screen, etc.

Work Order Reports- Popup Calendar, Report Options on selection screen, etc.

Top Ten Report- Popup Calendar, Equipment start/end range, Selection buttons,

and completely new report and graph.


Redesigned Program Options

All reports have display/print option

Better use of advisory messages

Purchase Orders- All new forms and reports. Allows you to Order, Approve, and Receive all on the same screen.

Inventory Utilities- All new forms and reports. Print Part tags will not print anything on skipped over stickers.

Schedule Work Cards- Popup Calendar, Out of Service and Employee Absent displayed on a browse screen, friendly Work Order Scheduling form, redesigned Ad Hoc PM Schedule.

Process Work Cards- Employee Assignment screen allows you to change the task status for all PM's for one or more employees, popup for task status (no longer necessary to enter "X,I or C", and scroll bar.

PM and Work Order Utilities- completely redesigned Work Load Balancing option and graph, all new forms for each utility.

Guest Functions- Work Request form has buttons for "Message for" and new fields showing the current Work Order/History status and Priority.

Query function streamlined to go directly to Browse Mode where user has the option of using Compute, Tally, Crosstab, etc.

New Query/Browse screen allows:

Sorting by a single click on any column heading

Export to a variety of formats

Text Search and Search Again

Move, Hide, and Show Columns

Change Fonts, Colors, Cell Size

Zebra stripes and Text Justification


Supervisor Options

Check Key Column now allows you to Delete all rows associated with that value

Change Key Column allows you to reassign with few restrictions

System Configuration has Plant Layout load and display option (multiple views)

Data Base Analyzer has new Self Audit option

Change Passwords now lets you assign a name and password to everyone using CPMS (Supervisor, CPMS User, Guest, and Administrator).

Reload and Backup separately. Backup while CPMS is running and date and time stamps your MMIS files so you can have multiple backups in the same day.

Import/Export your data to a TXT (Notepad) file.